Paths I have walked, literally, as I have explored the countryside around me from the time I could walk, and figuratively, as I walk through life.


I was first inspired by the beauty of the local landscapes of Carnegie and the trails and byways along the Chartiers Creek and throughout the Chartiers Valley, paths I’ve been walking since I began to walk. Those paths led me away to learn new things, and led me back, to interpret what I’ve found.

My biggest inspiration for poetry, prose and artwork is still the world right around me, and I enjoy the opportunity to share it from the perspective of one who walks and hikes and bikes and carries a camera, art materials and journal everywhere—even around the house—so the inspirations are fresh.

The familiarity of weather and structure and cultural habit are a starting point, a base to build upon as I walk other paths while building my stories.

Latest Journeys

Mothers Day

My mother died on January 25, 2011, and each year around that date I remember her in a post and share the poem I wrote for her the day she died. She had been ill for years, and this last time she’d gone to the hospital in congestive heart failure it was clear she would …

The Mossy Shawl

Following a trickling stream in the woods I found a mossy shawl draped over a log bridge. Left behind by a wood nymph to bathe in the stream? Was the spring day so warm the shawl was left behind, superfluous? And where was its user now, in these woods filled with sounds of dripping water, …


Heraldry Just past snow through the detritus of last year’s final folly faded brown and crackling beneath my feet you reach a slender tendril of faith to bear aloft your flag of conquest a complementary flower arms open wide let the rain fall soft on our faces herald the joy of spring. Poem in progress …


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